About BMCSpeaks 2017


BMCSpeaks 2017 is a deliberative forum and engagement project that will be held at Bryn Mawr College in early March. Influenced by mini-publics such as the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review and AmericaSpeaks projects, the forum is designed to collect a representative view of how the Bryn Mawr College community can improve mental health and services on campus.

Twenty students will be randomly selected and invited to attend the two and a half hour forum, where they will hear expert knowledge about the current projects/ resources /finances of the college, as well as personal testimony from students and faculty about their experience with mental health during the school year. The students will then sit at tables of five, not including a trained discussion facilitator. The tables will deliberate over important mental health issues and propose solutions. The solutions will be presented to the entire forum, and voted on. The top solution will be drafted into a plenary resolution so that the rest of Bryn Mawr’s community can have a stake in the measure. The remaining results will be published online as well as printed onto pamphlets which will be made available in every dorm hallway.

Bryn Mawr students who were not selected to participate in the forum, but who would like to give testimony or have a part in the event, will be offered the opportunity to post personal testimony to an online survey as well as complete a questionnaire about their experience with mental health at Bryn Mawr. The testimony and questionnaire may be submitted anonymously.

If you have any questions, feedback, or general comments– you may contact me at mefitzpatr@brynmawr.edu

Or you can visit the event’s Facebook page: BMCSpeaks 2017


Maura Fitzpatrick